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how to play book of dead for money

Book slot machines – how to play online

Mystical and mysterious themes in gambling are not uncommon, but not every service provider will be able to achieve the success that book of dead has achieved. An exciting adventure in search of cherished treasures and a charismatic main character are ready to please you with an interesting plot and big wins. This slot differs from many in its design and approach to players. Those who have already experienced the book of dead know how to win and multiply their prize. You can become one of those lucky ones right now.

PlayNGo, a popular online game maker, has long established itself as a reliable developer. He has a lot of slots, roulettes, blackjack and other entertainment that appeal to audiences around the world. Players praise book of dead not only for high-quality graphics and pleasant musical accompaniment, but also for the following factors:

  1. Simple interface and convenient button layout;
  2. Really interesting spins and gameplay in general with beautiful cartoon animation;
  3. Availability of bonuses in the form of Wild, scatter, free spins, expanding symbol, doubling round;
  4. Possibility in the book of the dead to win a big jackpot even in the main game thanks to expensive combinations;
  5. High rate of return to the player - 96%.

Compared to other slots, book of dead is a game that is suitable for both gamblers and inexperienced beginners at the same time. It is perfect for starting in the world of gambling. Winning games are more common here, so there is less risk and the new player will be able to measure the taste of victory and loss.

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Book of dead basics: how to win at the slot machine

All the most important secrets of the gaming machine always lie on the surface. If you want to win, you need to understand the rules. It is from this point that you need to build on if you seriously decide to play books online. After reading them, you will understand the principles of the game. It is not so difficult to get confused in the book of the dead, so among the most important rules are:

  • Only 5 reels arranged in 3 rows and 10 lines;
  • Before each spin, you choose the number of active lines and bet size;
  • The symbols on the reel add up in combinations and bring you a different number of coins (minimum 3 elements, but some combinations start with 2);
  • With any number of active lines, you can enter the bonus free spins. It is enough to collect 3 symbols of the book of the dead at the same time on the screen.

In total, book of dead play n go has 10 different thematic elements that are associated exclusively with Ancient Egypt. The most inexpensive chains are those made up of card symbols. But the most expensive give the player amazing payouts:

  • Аnubis and blue bird give the player at least 5 coins for 2 pictures and 750 for 5 pictures;
  • Pharaoh also makes a combination, starting with two symbols, and gives 5 credits for them, but the maximum payout for five symbols is 2000 coins;
  • The brave traveler Rich Wild is also on the reel and the payouts for him vary from 10 coins for 2 photos to 5000 for 5.

Thanks to your preparation in the book of dead, the strategy you will develop will be aimed specifically at getting the most expensive combinations. But even if you are lucky for small wins for a long time, there is always a risk round. Its essence is to instantly double your winnings. It opens after each successful scroll, but it is not necessary to play it - only if you wish.

The risk-level book of the dead slot opens in a new window and prompts the user to guess the suit or color of the card lying face down in the center of the table. By guessing the color, you increase your budget by x2, but if you take a chance and try to choose the right suit, your balance will increase by x4.

how to win book of dead

Book of dead: how to win

Even gambling has loopholes, and most often the network is flooded with "winning" actions that involve a constant big win. Unfortunately, a large number of players, especially beginners, fall for such offers and try to cheat the system. The truth is that books can be played online from almost any platform and device. And by registering on suspicious sites or downloading supposedly additional configurations for a 100% win from the same resources, you can “catch” a virus or unknowingly open access to personal information for scammers.

When starting book of dead, there can be only one strategy for winning - learning the game and applying skills. There are no mathematical calculations and loopholes. Be sure to study the description of the slot machine and the features of all the buttons. After that, try the demo game, where you can realize your ideas and develop a winning strategy yourself. Well, after that, forward to real victories in a real game with Richie Wilde.

Also about how to download Book Of Dead or how to play for free Book Of Dead demo, and you can check real reviews on our official website Book of Dead pages.

Book of Dead how to play

how to play Book Of Dead

how to play в Book Of Dead

Book Of Dead how to play

Book Of Dead how to play

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book of dead secrets

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Book of Dead rules