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A good movie, restaurant or game is always backed up by high ratings from visitors and users. This is displayed in verbal compliments, and on the web it is converted into lines of text on the official website of the institution, product or product, or on “maps” when it comes to the area. Demonstration of player reactions is also practiced in gambling and it is expressed in comments on the developer's website or special platforms where all opinions about the device are collected. When launching book of dead, reviews are also left in online casinos to show others their opinion. But such comments are not always true, because a review can be written by any network user.

Book of dead game reviews

Released more than 5 years ago, the book of the dead slot machine has successfully won the love of the audience and increased its fan base. Today, this game can be found in almost every major online casino. This is the merit of the PlayNGo developer and those who are really interested in the game. Among the key advantages of the device are:

  • RTP 96% and high volatility;
  • Classic reel with 5 spools and 10 lines;
  • High-quality graphics and a good soundtrack that complements the atmosphere and does not interfere with the user;
  • Thoughtful interface, where all the buttons are in their places and do not distract;
  • Bright animation and big winnings from combinations;
  • The presence of a scatter and wild in one symbol, as well as free spins, bonus levels and a static jackpot of 250,000 coins.

Thanks to all these points, gamers around the world do not think what to play, they know for sure that book of dead is a win-win option. It is perfect for a beginner who has just “came” into the world of gambling entertainment. A wonderful slot with a clear interface and simple rules is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. And the icing on the cake is the style of the machine: Ancient Egypt, temples and pharaohs. Each of us dreamed of finding our treasure and unraveling a big mystery. It is here that it is real, along with the main character, treasure hunter Richard Wilde. User support ensures that the book of dead game and reviews reflect real genuine emotions. But finding reliable information is not easy.

Real reviews about book of dead

Due to a lot of competition and the desire of each online casino or service provider to stand out and attract more players, the rivalry between the giants of the industry sometimes reaches the point of absurdity. It is displayed in different actions, but reviews of book egypt or any other device work best on uninformed users. This is very easy to explain. Focusing only good or only bad reactions cannot be in one place. The audience is large enough and the opinions are no less.

Very often, competitors order fake reviews (or make them themselves) in order to tarnish the reputation of another site and lower its rating. How it works in practice:

  • ВYou see a lot of feedback on the book of dead, where it says that the players were cheated. Someone complains that he lost everything, someone says that they took his money. But we all know how slots work and that it all depends on the user. If you play in the dead slot only at maximum bets and do not follow the progress of the game, then very soon the balance will be empty, and it will not be possible to recapture the funds;
  • On the book of dead in the reviews they write that the machine takes a long time to load and urge all readers to go to another one. Of course, no one likes long downloads, but this is definitely not about the book of dead game. The developer perfectly adapts games for any operating system and device. It all depends on your internet speed;
  • The most dangerous reviews about book of the dead are those that offer "working schemes" to deceive the machine. In reality, there are none, but if you believe, then by going to the resource they offer, you can harm your computer.

In fact, someone may simply not like the book of dead slot machine, but such gamers rarely leave reactions: they strive to find a new game that suits them. And the most correct algorithm for everyone who did not remain indifferent to the mysteries of Egypt is as follows:

  1. Read the description and rules of the game (if you get confused, check another resource);
  2. Don't ignore the demo game: the book of egypt is best opened in the demo, demonstrating its advantages;
  3. Take your time: start small and work your way up. There is no need to be upset if there are losses at first, the main thing is not to rush to move to high stakes;
  4. The risk game is insanely tempting, but also dangerous. Try to double your score, but only when you are sure you are ready.

By following these simple tips and avoiding inappropriate content, you will be able to successfully fulfill your potential in the book of dead and share your honest opinion in the review. Good luck!

Also about how to play and how to download game Book Of Dead or how to play for free Book Of Dead demo you can find on our оfficial website Book of Dead.

Reviews for the game Book of Dead

Review: Madly in love with everything related to Egypt


And when I found out that there is such a game, I couldn't pass it up. I've been playing for about a year and I win very often. The main thing is to take your time and keep track of your score

DianaPav, 23 yo
Book Of Dead review: Madly in love with everything related to Egypt

Review: I love free spins.


A little bit of luck and you can get all your losses on them. It's better here than in other slots. Well, or I'm so lucky:) take the time and try to play. Everyone I advised, it's great!!

Valeriiy588, 18 yo
Book Of Dead review: I love free spins.

Review: I rarely come across a bonus game, it's a shame.


But I like that in a normal game you can collect coins normally like this. The main character came across more than once and it's just WOW! It's especially nice to quickly withdraw money later)

Fantysev, 31 yo
Book Of Dead review: I rarely come across a bonus game, it's a shame.

Review: Slots are my love.


I would spin it all day long if it wasn't for other things) I really like this toy. Everything is simple and clear, you don't need to remember any rules. And very cool animation. The main thing is that they don't interfere with the whole process.

Kali, 21 yo
Book Of Dead review: Slots are my love.

Review: Very convenient betting system.


I can bet quite a bit and see how the slot machine behaves. I know that you have to be careful with gambling, so small bets and the same winnings are the surest way in the slot

Riens36, 36 yo
Book Of Dead review: Very convenient betting system.

Review: I tried all sorts of games, but this is exactly what came in.


The theme of Egypt fits in nicely here and the music fits into the theme, it doesn't piss me off, not like it sometimes happens.

Dormi777, 20 yo
Book Of Dead review: I tried all sorts of games, but this is exactly what came in.

Review: Only in this game I saw such a crazy bonus round.


Everything plays, symbols jump, coins are earned. Wins like this make you feel positive. Nicely done

CatLion, 25 yo
Book Of Dead review: Only in this game I saw such a crazy bonus round.

Review: It seems to me that this is where I win more often than in other slots.


Well, or I'm so lucky) I won't say that I'm an expert in gambling, but I definitely understood that 10 lines are more likely to win. With average bets and all working lines, it's even more so.

Amel5Amel, 23 года.
Book Of Dead review: It seems to me that this is where I win more often than in other slots.

Review: A very interesting game. really.


Yes, the tomb is hard to climb, but the Egyptian style is very cool.

AnnySag, 19 yo
Book Of Dead review: A very interesting game. really.

Review: I have not yet found a better activity for myself than to come after work and spin the toy.


I don't know, it's so relaxing that you don't want to go out. As for real wins, they are there! , but there is always a withdrawal on the map

Shanony, 33 yo
Book Of Dead review: I have not yet found a better activity for myself than to come after work and spin the toy.